Legal Notices
  • By sending us information through the registration form or email, you agree that we may store and use this information for the purposes of the competition. Additionally, by using this website, you acknowledge and agree that Internet transmissions are not completely secure and that a third party may intercept and read any information you send us.
  • Winners in each category agree to grant us permission to publish their binary code.
  • All participants grant us permission to share their binary code with other participants.
  • Participants may take part in the competition without disclosing their real names. Winners in each category, however, should provide both us and Huawei their real names and other necessary information to enable transfer of monetary awards. This information will not be disclosed.
  • By entering this competition, participants grant us the right to use their software and all submitted materials for the purposes of the competition, including but not limited to storing, copying, executing the software and publishing results related to software execution. Unless explicitly stated, we do not reverse engineer, disseminate or provide submissions to third parties. In particular, we do not send such information to the competition sponsor.
  • All copyrights and intellectual-property rights related to submissions remain under the ownership of the respective participants. Participants grant neither us nor the sponsor any other rights except those explicitly noted in the competition's rules and conditions.
  • By entering this competition, participants agree to abide by all applicable rules and conditions.
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